Simple and Economical

Have you ever looked at your existing windows and thought you would like them to be double glazed? You dismissed the idea because it would be too expensive and you didn’t want to go through the construction mess of pulling out the windows. Well think again. Now it is possible to double glaze your windows at surprisingly affordable prices.

A single pane of glass provides very poor insulation because glass is a good conductor of heat. Therefore much of the heat in the room literally goes out the window. Install double glazing and a layer of air is trapped between the panes. Air is a poor conductor so far less heat is lost through the window.

For existing timber windows the single pane of glass is removed and replaced with a double glazed unit.

Double glazing cuts down on the cold draughts off windows and significantly improves the comfort level of a home. Another benefit of this double glazing is significant noise reduction. If noise is the major problem, laminated glass can be installed to further enhance the noise reduction properties of the window.